Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amanda Conner

I posted my volunteer application video on the c2e2 site and I think I can link it here but we will see how this technological challenged lady will handle the situation!  

As promised, new art work from some of the talented artists attending C2E2 as featured guests!  Amanda Conner is one of the talented attendee's and in our house hold we can't get enough!  Whether it's Terra, Birds of Prey or Power Girl, she is definitely one hot comic artist!

Also if you have been hiding under a rock or simply hadn't entertained the idea of collecting busts, Amanda Conners has done Women of the DC Universe Series 3(the first series was by Adam Hughes and the second series was by Terry Dodson).  These collectibles are pretty sweet and will be finding themselves on my shelves very soon!

**If anyone knows of a more recent website for Amanda Conner and wouldn't mind letting me know, I would be eternally grateful!

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Oansun said...

there are no more sites, that's the only one. Try jimmy palmiotti's website, as they are married