Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Music Month!

I realize that mostly I have been focused on movies lately.  I can't be blamed for that entirely though, it's in my blood, its on my mind, the Academy Awards are coming soon...can you blame me?!
I am a fickle mistress however.  Music also claims a large part of my heart.  As I am writing this I am listening to Ain't It Fun by Paramore.  This song is catchy and has a great melody but lyrically it's a little stunted.  Pop music is supposed to be fun though and that is what they represent.  A ton of fun.
People get so upset when you say I love Ariana Grande or Fall Out Boy.  They act like the music these artist make is tragic.   If the songs they make evoke an emotion out of you, the artist has done their job.  One hit wonders are that for a reason.  They couldn't get you to talk about any of their music besides one song.

Whether you love them or hate them, these artists aren't going anywhere.

My Top 5 despised artists.

5. Kayne West
This guy makes the list because good grief.  He is SO conceited!  Seriously, he thinks he is so near god status that his tour is called he Yeezus Tour.  His woman that he's with (Kim Kardashian) is most celebrated for her sex tape!  Now probably for her cover on Paper magazine.

Not to mention his out burst during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech.   Dude, you aren't the living end, get a grip and get over yourself.  I know I'd like to get over you...

4.  U2

Now I am not saying that they haven't made some incredible music but what music have they made recently that isn't about saving the world from AIDS or the west nile virus or whatever cause is running rampant around the world.  Give me something Bono!  I am so sick of trying to save the world from typhoid or rheumatic fever!  Can't we have another Beautiful Day??

3. Leann Rimes

First and foremost, what the heck happened to this woman's career?? After 2009 she kind of fell off the face of the planet...unless she was stealing other women's husbands and then marrying that person and from what I can tell, reverting back to a high school mentality and getting into a Twitter war.  News flash, no one cares if you word bitch slap each other.  Get back to making that crappy country that you are known for and then maybe I can care a little bit more.

2.  Taylor Swift

I can't tell you why I don't like Taylor Swift.  She seems like a nice girl who goes through men like paper towels but I can't fault her for that.  The music she makes isn't 100% terrible, it just get stuck in my head more than I would like. (Shake it Off, Blank Space)  She is a great role model and everyone who meets her seems to become an instant fan...maybe we need to meet face to face Taylor so we can become face to face...however, there is something that I just can't put my finger on that screams WHY ARE YOU HERE TAYLOR?!  She seems to pop up and ruin some of my favorite things, i.e. New Girl....

And of course last but not least

1. Nickleback

Do I really need to give an explanation????  I think not.

some honorable mentions for terrible artists that I wish I never had to hear from again are Justin Beiber and all the recent rap artists that all sound the same and have really absurd names that I could care literally nothing about.  It just makes me ill that they will make more money than I could imagine in a lifetime and they have as much talent as a boil on a bull frog.

That raps up my top five!  Don't forget to check out the Grammy's this Sunday!

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