Monday, March 2, 2015

Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover

Since technically music month is over, naturally I want to write something about music.  While most current rap artists now a day have little to no talent and luck into the celebrity status that they don't really deserve, there are a few that are extremely underrated and I personally feel like need more recognition.

One that I am listening to on repeat lately is Childish Gambino.  You may recognize his hit 3005 but as far as I am aware, not many more of his songs are frequenting the radio waves.  Which is a shame because lyrically he is pretty smart and the beats that coincide with said lyrics are very catchy and extremely pop worthy.

If you are not familiar with 3005 (educate yourself immediately) and have no clue who Childish Gambino is, you may be familiar with some of his acting credits.  He is on Community, he has done bit parts in HBO Girls,  The To Do List, Alexander and the Horrible...Day, and will have a part in the upcoming anticipated sequel Magic Mike XXL.

He was recognized in 2014 for his album Because the Internet and his single 3005 both were nominated for Grammys.  You can purchase his new album Kauai on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify (my personal favorite music app).  Some of the better songs from that album are Retro and Pop Thieves.  You can hear it now on my blog or look it up for yourself on the You Tube!

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