Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surviving Ohayocon, Part 1

I love going to conventions and Ohayocon is one we never miss but I think I must be getting pretty old because it is taking longer for me to get back in the normal swing of things than it used to!  It has been a little over a week since getting back home and I am back on schedule again, finally.  We had a great time at the convention this year but we were a little disappointed with the lack luster dealers room.  Not really any spectacular deals or any must haves, which saved us quite a bit of money actually, but one of the fun things about going to a convention is finding that one item that you don't see every day and getting it for a really awesome deal.  9 times out of 10 we ended up looking for it on and found it cheaper than what they were selling it for at the convention.

The pannels this year were great and the special guest was Stephanie Sheh! Yay, we got to meet Stephanie, boo they didn't tell us who the special guest was until after we were half way to Columbus.  We didn't have our Bleach or Naruto or Code Geass but per usual, Birdiebo pulled it out and did little sketches for us to have her sign and voila, trip not wasted!  We did stand in line for nearly an hour to get her to sign these items for us and I would have her picture but my Iphone did some weird malfunction and all the photos and videos for the day were erased!  Double Boo!!  This is also when we were thinking about how to murder the three idiots sitting behind us when Stephanie Sheh called up our row and saved us from some serious jail time.  Birdiebo was griping the seat so she wouldn't turn around and punch them out!

I have tons of other photos and videos that I will be posting but for now here is a little video for you to enjoy and help understand the meaning of life.

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