Sunday, July 4, 2010

Movie Time on Fangirl Confessional!

Our second podcast is up and ready for viewing!  We have all types of movie tid bits such as Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, Last Air bender, and much more!  Check us out on and while you are waiting check out our top ten movies!

Kerry's Top Ten
1.Moon Child

2. Star Wars
4.Princess Mononoke
5.Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
6.Event Horizon
7.Kiki's Delivery Service
9.Toy Story
10.Law Abiding Citizen

Tressa's Top Ten
1.The Fifth Element

2. A Hard Day's Night
3.The Dark Crystal
4.Back to the Future
5.Hot Fuzz
6.Moulin Rouge
7.Roman Holiday
8.Forest Gump
9.The Dark Knight
10.Inglorious Bastards

Jennifer's Top Ten
2.Finding Nemo
4.Wedding Singer
5.Music & Lyrics
7.Sixth Sense
9.The Incredibles
10.Pineapple Express

Our next episode is coming up soon!  Enjoy the show!

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